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New Game Of The Week Award!
News posted 13th November, 2002 by Rikus  

That Night Before has done it again! The first 3 parts won GOTW#7, and now part 4 has won gotw#31! Congrats to Scurvyliver for winning his second gotw award. If you have not tried out this game then you can check it out right here. Here is the selection for next week:  Auto Gear 2003      Grenade Tennis 2   Andrew Reynolds Pro Skater    The Treasure of Drunk Island     Fragment    Iron Warlords     Infection    pong adventure

Posted by Nick of All Trades 13th November, 2002

Posted by Muz 13th November, 2002

Damn it. Why're all the good games out together at the same time? Here...there's Chess On-Line(which obviously took a lotta effort even tho it's not that fun), SPy 2 Saffron Filter, and TNB 4. Yet, these games could easily win next week's GOTW if only they were delayed by one week... Sometimes these GOTW awards seem so unfair.
Posted by Chris Burrows 15th November, 2002

yey, my game has been selected for gotw, it is andrew reynolds pro skater! check it out if u havn't seen it yet, i am doing more on it as i type this so there will be a newer version soon.
Posted by Rikus 20th November, 2002

If there was a demo in there somewhere it got lucky:)


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