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The Daily Click Christmas Competition 2002
News posted 14th November, 2002 by The Chris Street  
Ok, as you might possibly know, it's coming up to Christmas. And it's the time of year where everyone goes all gooey and relaxed and such. And after speaking with Rikus, I'm pleased to announce the The Daily Click Christmas Competition 2002!

Last year you may recall the Kliketty Klik competition, where Chris Nimmo's entry "Hoppy Tommy Atomic" won first prize, and now, a year later, the full game is still in development. Akira won second prize with Gingerbread Man, a short platformer.

This years theme is...well...Christmas! You can make any style of game you want, except it must comply with the rules. Which are as following:

¤ The maximum resolution for a game is 800x600 (changed the rules slightly to make it fairer). But don't forget that bigger resolutions tend to suck up more colour, thus increasing the final game size.

¤ The game must be no bigger than 1.5MB (we'll except it if the game is slightly over (and I'm talking stuff like 10 - 20kb)).

¤ No Vitalize games, please, or any games with high scores which are uploaded to the 'net. Normal high scores are fine.

¤ The competition deadline is the 18th December 2002, at 11.59pm GMT. Any entries after this time will not be accepted.

¤ Your game must be hosted on a reliable server. Brinkster, Geocities, Angelfire, Tripod etc, are NOT reliable servers. Get a friend to host your game if you're having problems.

¤ The game MUST have original graphics, and they must all, if possible, be of a Christmassy nature. This means snow, lights, trees, ice, mountains, Santa Claus, etc.

¤ Sounds and music don't have to be original, but at least ensure they are somewhat Christmassy.

¤ You may only submit one entry per person. Multiple submissions of different games will NOT be allowed and you face the possibility of disqualification. If you wish, you can work on a game with your klik group, or a group of friends.

¤ You may use other engines from around the internet.

¤ The results will be announced on Christmas Eve. The winner shall receive 50 DC points, which should notch up their DC rating quite considerably. Plus they'll get a special button made for them so they can proudly display it on their website. 2nd Prize is 20 DC points, 3rd Prize is 10 DC points.

If you wish to participate in this competition, you must sign up under this thread or give me a DC Mail. This makes it easier to tell who's legitimate and who's not.

A website will be constructed soon with details on how to submit your games. You'll find out here when it's ready. If you have any questions, DC Mail me. So, all that leaves me to say is "Good Luck!"

Posted by MasterM 14th November, 2002

Oh yeah I remember this competition ( Kliketty Klik competition). I worked very hard on my game and finished 60% of it in just one day. The last day. After it I was shaking a little bit. Always take a break! The end of the story: The zip file had a bug. My game has no resolution of more than 320x240 and it’s a little bit too big. I guess 2 Mb so you can check it out Christmas.
Posted by Broomie 14th November, 2002

thats funny... i`m making a christmas game already. thats all im saying. :)
Posted by Muz 14th November, 2002

'Any entries after the Game Of The Week results will not be accepted.' What exactly does that mean?
Posted by Muz 14th November, 2002

Oh, and are DC staff(eg. Muz) eligible for the competition? I mean, some of em don't need those points...but it's still fun to win a compo.
Posted by The Chris Street 14th November, 2002

well, I'm currently searching for two judges. I'm hoping Shadowcaster and Rikus will volenteer :D If they do, then Shen, Andi, Clubsoft and you, Muz can enter
Posted by Andi Smith 14th November, 2002

hmm. didn't realise DC was doing a competition too :o
Posted by Levi 14th November, 2002

who else is doing a comp? anyways sign me up. I'll most likely not finish an evtry, but I will try, and if you say we have to sign up to enter then heres my signup. maybe ill just take my 2 bit game i was working on and modify it. dunno.
Posted by Poke & Gravy 14th November, 2002

Can we make a Hanukah game if we are Jewish?
Posted by ruffles 14th November, 2002

lol.. it would be fun p&g ! if they let, hmm, maybe I make one! well, I can make one even not for the comp, but then there's no motivation!
Posted by Simdrone052 14th November, 2002

Count be in babeh!
Posted by Shen 14th November, 2002

Posted by Karl Hedlund 14th November, 2002

Posted by The Chris Street 14th November, 2002

Rikus and Shadowcaster haven't said yes yet ;)
Posted by ChrisOch 14th November, 2002

I wonder if I could enter with Dexter's Quest, or does it have to be done just for this comp?
Posted by vortex2 14th November, 2002

:P i bet they would take it anyway ;). also, isnt that resolution alittle bit low? my computer doesnt work well below 640 by 480.
Posted by Georgie 14th November, 2002

I'll be in for it. Nice thing to do since I have 2 months to procrastinate on it and its be just like doing a normal game that i ussually procrastinate on for 3 months. I'm up to the challenge of not being so lazy!
Posted by The Chris Street 14th November, 2002

It has to be a brand new game that means Owen Lindsay cannot submit Smelfs Christmas Adventure or whatever its called. Make a sequel to Dexters Quest!
Posted by mrEkli [NewKlear] 14th November, 2002

I'm up for it.
Posted by Buster 14th November, 2002

320x240!? thats a little small dont you think? my sprite I made takes up a quarter of that...
Posted by -Deleted Member- 14th November, 2002

50 DC points!!! I can't join, 'cos it has to be full screen... Can it not be full screen?
Posted by Levi 14th November, 2002

yeah i think the res restriction is kinda dumb, especially since it doesnt have anything to do with Cristmas. i was gonna say something earlier.i would like to make my game in 320x240 since it makes more sense than 320x200.
Posted by Levi 14th November, 2002

oh wait you said 320x240. i guess i read it as 320x200 since thats the lowest preset res in mmf. mybad. it still would be coolz0r to be able to enter with a higher resoloution game, since i still dont really know what ill do yet
Posted by Buster 14th November, 2002

I'll enter but I'll have to make some changes to my sprite.
Posted by Ashman 14th November, 2002

I'm in, but the game won't be entirely full screen. It will be the said resolution, but the Pixels will only change to 640X480 which is big enough as far as I'm concerned....otherwise it gets really REALLY pixelated. I will make in TGF and then fix up in MMF (I hate using MMF as the base program....)
Posted by Steve Harris 15th November, 2002

Count me in! Oh and BTW Circy I don't mind hosting anyones game if they're on Geocities etc if you get any queries about where can they upload their games just tell em to send me a PM. Neo
Posted by -Deleted Member- 15th November, 2002

Circy, can I do the game in 640x480? Not full screen though. Why the restriction on the resolution.
Posted by Razorshark Productions 15th November, 2002

I'll put Rivenheart aside for awhile, gonna get started right away. I'm in...
Posted by The Chris Street 15th November, 2002

Hmm...ok, I'll be fair. I'll lose the resolution restriction :) But the games 1.5mb maximum limit still applies.
Posted by Owen.E 15th November, 2002

I want to sign up for it ^.^ how do i?
Posted by Mark 15th November, 2002

:( Dexters Quest rocks. I finsihed a Christmas game bout 2 weeks ago and submitted it, can you use updated versions? like v1.1?
Posted by Wompo 15th November, 2002

Hmm... I'll see if I can make something. Count me in! :)
Posted by Levi 15th November, 2002

maybe ill finish the game i was going to use as last years entry XD
Posted by Ferg 15th November, 2002

YO CIRCY. Sign me up dude, I'm gonna tyr and make a game for a compo for the first time ever.
Posted by Mark 16th November, 2002

wow, good luck Ferg
Posted by ShadowCaster 16th November, 2002

Sorry Circy, I havent had time to reply to your email, and even if I did, I didnt have a phone line to connect to the internet and collect your message in the first place :) ...And the people in the bush reckon they have shit telephone service :D I've replied to your message.
Posted by Pete Nattress 16th November, 2002

i'm in. i already have an xmas game from last year so i ain't got nothing to lose.
Posted by Ferg 16th November, 2002

Thx Mark and good luck to you if your entering the compo
Posted by Mark 16th November, 2002

Posted by Mårten 16th November, 2002

Hey you two! Get a room!
Posted by The Chris Street 16th November, 2002

Well, this is kinda the signing up process. It just gives me an idea of who's entering. There will be a page uploaded to the "Competition" link soon, check there for details on how to submit your finished entry. When it's up ;)
Posted by Mark 16th November, 2002

*comes on to Ferg*
Posted by ChrisOch 16th November, 2002

Darn :)!! Oh well, I tried ;)...
Posted by Rhys Davies 16th November, 2002

im in
Posted by ShadowCaster 17th November, 2002

The competition link now displays information about the christmas competition -- details about previous competitions can be displayed via the top menu.
Posted by Mark 17th November, 2002

Unlucky Chris. I do think the "No Old games thing" sucks, theres no-way Dexter's Quest 2 could be made in a month i'm sure
Posted by Alex Scobell 17th November, 2002

Hmmmm I'll enter!
Posted by Max 17th November, 2002

Gotta give this compo a try I guess. Sounds like fun. :)
Posted by ShadowCaster 17th November, 2002

Where were all you people when I was running my competition, which had actual prizes from Clickteam? The only messages I got about my competition were complaints :( Perhaps everyone has matured since... a whole 3 months ago?
Posted by David Niemeyer 17th November, 2002

I'll join
Posted by SoftWarewolf 18th November, 2002

the rules are quite hard... im thinking of making a snowball game but it aint gona be very christmas like... and at least 2 mb
Posted by Max 18th November, 2002

There's a question which should be answered I guess: can we preview games entering the Christmas compo, or are these forbidden until the compo's over? Just wanted to know.
Posted by ShadowCaster 18th November, 2002

I'm not the admin for this comp, but I'm pretty sure you wont have access to the games until after the judging has been completed.
Posted by The Chris Street 19th November, 2002

Hmm..didn't really think of that. But no, no previews for submitted games. Just make the thing, then submit it on or after 10th December. And yes, what Shadowcaster said as well is true.
Posted by Sean ( Kodex ) 19th November, 2002

what if it is not christmasy? would it not count. ShadowCaster i would of entered ur comp but did not know when it was!
Posted by The Chris Street 19th November, 2002

it MUST be Christmassy, thats the theme of the compo ;)
Posted by ShadowCaster 19th November, 2002

* ShadowCaster points to the competition judging page.
Posted by Nioreh 19th November, 2002

Hehe, I'm in! I've been working 24/7 since the news of a christmas compo came out, nearly finished now. Too bad you can't submit games until December 10th...
Posted by Nioreh 19th November, 2002

Btw, you should put up a xmas compo page with all the submissions, so that we can play the games before christmas is all over.
Posted by ruffles 19th November, 2002

every time i try to go to the comp page, it fails. since the other comp.
Posted by Mike G 19th November, 2002

When you say "it has to be Christmassy" do you mean it has to have Xmas stuff in it, like Snow, Presents, trees, stuff like that; or MUST have Santa, ELfs, Reindeer etc???? Because some people dont celebrate the same kind of Xmas.
Posted by Mike G 19th November, 2002

Posted by The Chris Street 20th November, 2002

Well, if you look at the competition section, you'll find the games will be rated out of 100. One of those ratings is the Christmassiness of it, so the more christmassy your game (snow, reindeer, santa) the more points you get towards the finished product
Posted by KlikFactory 20th November, 2002

shadowcaster- where did you post about that competition? And did it have a theme? There are lots of reasons why people might not have entered. Are we supposed to say here if we're signing up, because I am. -The Klik Factory
Posted by ShadowCaster 20th November, 2002

KF: I posted about it on DC, and no, it didnt have a theme, though it had actual prizes (MMF 1.5, Jamagic, Install Maker... two of each, even). Doesnt matter, we got a pretty good turn out anyway (50 games even).
Posted by Aniboy2000 22nd November, 2002

But seriously, whenevee you hold the holiday-themed comps, you shouldn't leave out the other religions. I'd make a Chanukah game, but I have zero time.
Posted by Nick of All Trades 18th December, 2002

Posted by Nick of All Trades 18th December, 2002

Posted by Nick of All Trades 18th December, 2002

Posted by Nick of All Trades 18th December, 2002

ummmmmm. only testing


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