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Christmas Compo
News posted 17th November, 2002 by The Chris Street  
Just a quick post to say that the Competition page has been updated. It has the details of almost everything you need to know. Games will not be accepted until 10th December, and don't forget, the final deadline is 18th December, which gives you up to a month to get your Christmassy game done and dusted. The page also tells you about how the judical marking system will work.

Posted by Levi 18th November, 2002

10th december... 18th december... that just doesnt sound right to me... i mean, it doesnt even really make sense, '10th december' (vs december 10th) would mean the 10th december in existence, like 10 years ago the universe was formed and people came up with the calendar. or the 10th december after the earth was created. gahh, i cant stand it!! GAHH!!!!!
Posted by SoftWarewolf 18th November, 2002

lol true ;) you wont change the rules to max size 50mb and it only has to involve snow?
Posted by Mark 18th November, 2002

Id like to see that program
Posted by Razorshark Productions 18th November, 2002

Damn... I 'm converting the animations over and over again to keep the filesize down. It's gonna be a pixely christmass this year.:p
Posted by colej_uk 18th November, 2002

lol- the deadline is just 1 minute before my Birthday!
Posted by The Chris Street 19th November, 2002

The reason why the filesize needs to be 1.5mb (this can be 1.5mb zipped, btw) is simply because a lot of entries are expected, and that for a 56kb modem-er like me it would be nightmare to download a 50mb game ;) and it'd be too time consuming. Tips To Keep Your Game Small : Don't use huge amounts of colour like 16 million : Don't use MODS : Re-use sound effects : Structure your events accordingly, make sure none are wasted
Posted by OFFINC/Aharms 19th November, 2002

hmm what about hannuka and kawanza games?
Posted by Mike G 19th November, 2002

Can't you increase the mb size slighty?? :D Like, 2-3mb??????? 1.5 mb would online cover 1-2 levels, and that's with increadible pixilated sprites!
Posted by Steve Wardale 20th November, 2002

If it's kept small it forces people to be creative and come up with routines to keep things under 1.5mb. It's it gets any bigger then people can be lazier, and I doubt most will want to bother making a game any bigger. <<< 64 levels and it's under 1mb.
Posted by The Chris Street 20th November, 2002

Well, as I said, the final file has to be 1.5mb, this can be a zipped 1.5 MB or a 1.5 executable file. I'll allow anything up to 20kb bigger though, so if your game is SLIGHTLY bigger than 1.5mb, then it will be accepted
Posted by Mike G 20th November, 2002

Well u see, it depends on ur creativity. If ur like most ppl u can use 'PAINT' to make a couple of pixels look like a figure, but if ur like me (who has extended his creativity to 3d modelling)then you can't fully be creative with a 1.5mb restriction (eg Even if i try to compress the graphics(which i do; ALOT!!), i'd be lucky to pull of a small game with decent looking graphics but with one level. I was told that the entry has to be a FULL game. But i haven't read anything about it myself. Can it be like a demo or something (which would explain why there would only be 1-2 levels)? And i downloaded that MRW.exe thing. i can understand how it has 64 levels with the graphics used.
Posted by Mike G 20th November, 2002

Damn dot. it should be
Posted by The Chris Street 21st November, 2002

it needs to be a full game: for that to qualify, you need to have at least 4 levels. Sorry, forgot to mention that on the Compo page. *slaps himself*
Posted by Nioreh 21st November, 2002

Hmm, my game Christmas Shaft is a full game, but it has no levels, only one "infinite level". It's an arcade game, you just try and score as high as possible. That will count as a full game won't it? If that's not the case, then a whole week of work just went down the drain... And btw, will a compo page come up with all the accepted games? There should be a page up on December 19th with all the games! That would rock, maybe even a voting system (not that would count, but just to see what the audience thought).
Posted by ShadowCaster 22nd November, 2002

I dont think the page of accepted games could be up that quickly. We cant check all the games in less than a day to make sure they qualify, Nioreh. Not sure about the voting thing, you'd have to ask Circy.


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