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New Game Of The Week!
News posted 28th November, 2002 by Rikus  

Not a big surprise this but still congrats to Proteus for making Butterfly 660 and winning the gotw award. If you have not tried out this game then you can check it out right here. Here is the selection for next week:  Bob the slug thing      Dodgeball     Billy's Adventure     Toon Town Detective      Space Blaster      Snowbattle     Plingvaders 1.5     One Step From Reality

Posted by David Newton (DavidN) 28th November, 2002

Congratulations to JJ and Proteus for the GOTW - the game really deserved it.
Posted by Nioreh 28th November, 2002

Hey, Mission Abba-T should be in the next weeks poll! =P
Posted by Muz 1st December, 2002

Mission Abba-T doesn't stand a chance against One Step From Reality :P
Posted by Nioreh 1st December, 2002

That's because one can't even vote on it! Dunno why, I'm disappointed.


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