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Shima Bros
News posted 29th November, 2002 by The Chris Street  
The rather pleasant looking Shima Bros has had a demo released by Johns Program. It plays extremely well, and is a kind of puzzle / platform hybrid. Comments from the Author: "I'm still working on the story line, but here's what you do in the game. You have to control all 4 players and you have to reach for the item. Remember, you had to have all 4 players together with the item. The item I'm talking about it's a part of a basket..."
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Posted by vortex2 30th November, 2002

this game is pretty fun! good job, even though the game is a bit hard to play though :P.
Posted by 30th November, 2002

this game requires a bit of thought while being fun. A bit of extra time wud be nice but doesn't stop it being a great game
Posted by AndyUK 30th November, 2002

fantastic. the level will always get easy when you know what to do. no slowdown on my computer (which most klik games do) but i havent finished the level because one of the little blokes alway falls down the hole at the end !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! well ive only played it twice. oh and the time allowed is spot on I think because it provides a challenge but also lets you go the wrong way a few times.
Posted by Danny 1st December, 2002

1st level is easy.... can't wait till full version although it's complicated with 4 people. but the game is great!!


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