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Project: Ye Olde Knights Of Yore (YOKOY)
Project Started: 4th April, 2009 Last Update: 26th September, 2017
Project Owner: Asholay Project Members: Asholay
Project Type: Action RPG Project Progress:

Toolbar 1 Details
Posted 25th Feb 10, by Asholay  
Hi everybody - lots of progress made since the last update, so I thought I'd start a 'mini-series' of updates covering the game toolbars & mechanics. In-game, you will gradually be introduced to concepts and toolbars to ensure players don't get intimidated by an information overload, so that is also my intention here.

The visual XP counter acts as a gauge to reaching your next level, and works well; with 72 animation frames, it shows accurate, detailed progression.

Your Potions highlight as you move over them, and each character is limited to a set amount they can carry though this can be changed for some classes; for example the Fighter can increase his Belt capacity with a passive upgrade.

The HP and MP bars not only act as a visual guide, they also show numerically your current and maximum values. Everything works in sync, and levelling up, or adding stat points will affect your values, as well as various character abilities and temporary boosts.

The Fixed Character Items are a key part of the Yokoy system - I won't go into detail here, as that can wait for the Skill Tree Toolbar update, but each of the 6 characters has 56 items (which can be upgraded to Bronze, Silver then Gold) spread across 6 tabs (one passive, 5 usable items) and define that character completely. For example, the Ranger has his Bow, a hand-weapon, special ranged attacks [such as exploding arrows and swarm attacks], his traps and camouflages, and the ability to summon various familiars to assist him. His passive upgrades are also individually geared to his class, and compliment his playing style.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy what there is of this minor-update, and look forward to any comments.



Posted by Eternal Man [EE] 25th February, 2010

This is looking very good and promising! I'm glad to see people actually try and make "real" rpg's in MMF, cause the community would very much need some. I'm utterly impressed of your Excel sheets, that's truly the way to go when planning an rpg. I'm really looking forward to future updates, and wish you the best of luck!

I know how it feels to have a game planned for many long years, I too have an rpg that I have planned since I started klikking, Eternal Saga, hopefully I'll be able to start "for real" this year. So expect to see it in the projects soon!

Anyway, best of luck man! I really hope you get to finish this, and I can't wait too see the final result! Best of luck!

Gimme moar updates!
Posted by Asholay 25th February, 2010

Thank EE, much appreciated. The Game Bible (excel doc) is absolutely crucial to development - I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone doing a sizeable RPG.

Here's some other random pages taken from it:

I look forward to seeing your project, as I'm always very interested in any MMF RPGs coming out the woodwork!


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