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Project: Ye Olde Knights Of Yore (YOKOY)
Project Started: 4th April, 2009 Last Update: 26th September, 2017
Project Owner: Asholay Project Members: Asholay
Project Type: Action RPG Project Progress:

Toolbar 2 Details
Posted 11th Mar 10, by Asholay  
Hey peeps - I'm back, and there's been lots of engine progress made on YOKOY so it's time for a cheeky toolbar explanation; this time, your 'quick-stats' panel. It all speaks for itself really, although I will add a few little bonus notes.

All enemies in the game have the same four stats as playing characters, and these are similarly used to determine attack and defence values. Additionally, the values are used when 'checks' are made: for example, if as a Fighter you attempt your Level 1 Disarm skill on an enemy, it will make a random check using your Strength as a base, versus the enemy's Dexterity.

Also, higher intellect, spell-casting enemies may try various combinations, such as casting a 'brainless' spell to reduce your intelligence, which in turn will temporarily reduce your magical defence - he will then attack with regular magic spells knowing they will have greater affect.

FYI, these updates do not reflect the current progress, I'm much further in than toolbar coding just feel like releasing some stuff.

Until next time, tatty Bye-bye!



Posted by BeamSplashX 12th March, 2010

It sounds like a grand old(e) time in the making. Carry on, good sir!
Posted by Asholay 12th March, 2010

Thanks, although just for the record, the information I'm releasing now is no indication of current progress... i.e. the engine is well into development, far beyond that of toolbars.
Posted by Del Duio 14th March, 2010

Looks like it's going to be good. I like how both enemies and characters have the same stats. That's important IMO, that everybody follows the same ruleset. D&D does that too.
Posted by Asholay 30th March, 2010

I agree - in fact, one of my biggest annoyances is when I suspect a game is somewhat 'cheating', or doing things in their favour - so I like to make sure all enemies (including bosses) are on the exact same platform as the players. They may be much stronger than you, but it doesn't mean they can't fail an intelligence test if you try to paralyse them or something... I get annoyed at games which completely prevent that sort of strategy, just to force you to fight a battle to the end, by grinding them down, in the exact way the developer wanted.

I'm a massive fan of the "open" approach to games, particularly by rewarding a player for trying something different, and thinking about a game - rather than just playing it the way they "think they should".

That's a key reason why I've avoided grinding battles in Yokoy. Many of the bosses & unique enemies will certainly have an Achilles Heel (not in the usual sense, mind - i.e. shoot him in the eye - that's just boring lol)... You'll be able to find these by unlocking hints from various sources. On the other-hand, don't expect there to be little easy methods of taking out every enemy and boss


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