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Project: FREAKS!
Project Started: 29th October, 2010 Last Update: 3rd November, 2010
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Good News vs. Bad News
Posted 3rd Nov 10, by Mr. Hexagon  

I've got good news and I've got bad news. I'll give you the bad news first because it makes the good news so much better.

The Bad News
Unfortunately, FREAKS! will not be released. Sorry to disappoint anybody who was looking forward to its release. Here's what happened:

I decided to pull an all-nighter Friday night to finish everything up. Upon the final hours of completion, there was a knock on the door. The same tall, blonde, nordic lady that had appeared in my bathroom was visiting me once again. Knowing that nobody would believe my seeing this Pleiadian a second time, I turned around my MacBook to snap a picture with Photobooth. Assuming she was there for Halloween, I had to embarrassingly tell her I was out of candy. She thanked me for the offer, but corrected me and said she was not there for candy--she wanted my laptop, and snatched it right from my hands. I had infringed upon her earlier warning, she said, and aggressive preventative measures had to be taken.

Now, this was particularly disturbing to me because all my past month's work was in vein. Let me say this now to all other developers: Always back up your work. You never know when an extra-terrestrial will steal your computer.

However, she reassured me that creating games is not a fruitless endeavor, and that if I wanted to continue down the path of a developer, I must follow some spiritual and universal guidelines. The rules I am supposed to follow from here on out are outlined in an 8 page packet she handed to me entitled, "The Pleiadian Game Development Guidelines for Earth-safe Space Certification." She also gave me $90 dollars to put towards a new computer. We talked a bit about Halloween for a little while, and after that, she left.

The Good News
I was able to find a Pentium 4 3.0ghz, 512mb RAM, 80gig HD on craigslist, so I'm at least back in business in that sense. Production has already started on a new game. I can't say much about it, except that it is challenging making it conform to the new guidelines. I will definitely keep you informed about this project in the future.

So, I guess this officially brings the FREAKS! project to a close. My hopes for FREAKS! was for it to be a learning process, and I've learned a lot about myself, game development, and life in general over the course of October. I hope, too, that others can learn from any mistakes I've made along the way. As always, your opinions are encouraged!

Thank you,
Mr. Hexagon

Posted by s-m-r 4th November, 2010

I reckon that if you had put half the creativity of your excuses towards actually making the game, it would be done by now.

Seriously, though...I think it would be great for you (and really add some closure to this learning experience) if you posted at least some screen shots of this artwork you have sitting around. Hearing about this "monkey soot" fellow, among other things, has me curious.


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