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Project: Alex & Friends' Quest Remastered
Project Started: 11th May, 2019 Last Update: 3rd February, 2021
Project Owner: BigAl0104 Project Members:
Project Type: Action/Adventure/Platformer/RPG Project Progress:

Project Archive

February 2021
  v1.1.3 details
  v1.1.2 details
  v1.1.1 details
  v1.1.0 details

October 2020
  v1.0.10 details

September 2020
  v1.0.9 details

August 2020
  v1.0.8 details

April 2020
  v1.0.7 details

March 2020
  v1.0.6 details
  v1.0.5 details

February 2020
  v1.0.4 details

January 2020
  v1.0.3 details
  v1.0.2 details
  v1.0.1 details
  Game has been released!
  Release date confirmed!
  Game is officially 100% completed! + Testing time

December 2019
  Game coming next year! (Obviously)

November 2019
  Alexoor's Lair Completed + Next Steps

October 2019
  Monkey Isle completed!

September 2019
  Hedgehog Land completed!
  Plumber's World completed!

July 2019
  Perfect Base completed!
  Kingdom of Time completed!

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