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Project: Lil pirate
Project Started: 23rd November, 2007 Last Update: 8th September, 2008
Project Owner: AndyUK Project Members: X-Member24873
Project Type: Game/Platformer Project Progress:

Project Overview  
Preview Lil' pirate is a game that was originally intended to be a short arcade style platformer/Shooter.

However the decision to create the levels with an external editor has forced me to remake the entire engine, making the game take longer than originally planned.

At first i was thinking along the lines of The Newzealand story as the main inspiration. The game may now include many more levels due to being able to allow others to easily create new levels for the game.

Also being the first big game I started with Multimedia fusion 2 (I used TGF before) I could finally let loose with many hundreds of active objects flying around the screen.

Also the older version of Lil' pirate (Which circy previewed at Clickzine) Used a few layers for parallax scrolling. The new version might not be able to do this as easily due to everything running from one frame, (i hope)

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6 33 The looks of the ...
By: -Nick-
On: 20th Sep 08, 12:28:49
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Actually getting near the end (I think)
Posted 8th Sep 08, by AndyUK 4 Comments




I'm hoping I'm at the final 10% or so now. All I really need to do is

1. Make the final boss and ending (and intro if i feel like it)

2. Implement the map screen (or scrap it)

3. Fix any bugs left in the game and try to make it faster than it is currently.

4. Make either a read me or instruction manual, oh an i guess make up a story or something lol.

So yeah, the game has turned out a hell of a lot better than it would have been if i had just finished the first version.
I'm still kind of worried that people will dismiss it as just another platform game, which is actually why Ive been very careful not to rush the level design.

Ive been thinking of doing something special for the intro and ending. I wonder if it's at all possible to create and import a mini cartoon into MMF2.
Some people have suggested I use Flash but I have no experience using flash whatsoever so it would make the game longer to make...

Either way i guess this is going to be my final update now.

Here are some more screen shots.
More information!
Posted 13th Aug 08, by AndyUK 5 Comments
For the three people that have so far voted for Lil pirate in the current general poll. Thanks for voting!

Some basic stats on the game so far.

The game uses only 4 frames at the moment.
1. Title screen
2. Level selector/Map
3. Shop (accessed via a subapp)
4. Main game frame.

The main mfa is 825k in size because a lot of the files are external (levels, music, background images etc.)

The total amount of Events in the main game frame (so far) is 1412.
Although a lot of these are just for the level loader. I'll probably be able to delete some of them from the final game as there are a few objects and enemies that remain unused in the game.

There are 63 level files but they compress so well, a zip archive is only 62k. Again some of these wont be used anyway.

The folder with all of my files for the game totals 267mb for some reason.

If I compiled the whole game as an Exe and included all the external files it would be 2.97mb (zipped)

Since i feel the need to post a picture every time i make an update Ive decided to show you guys how Ive been inspired by Hayo's Fishhead world tour and some of his Fishhead artwork.

See the similarities?

I made a boss!
Posted 16th Jul 08, by AndyUK 5 Comments

I really hate making bosses in my games. But i know that they're almost a requirement in any platform game so i finally made one.

It's the first boss so ive probably got to draw a few more now
More features more screenshots!
Posted 26th Jun 08, by AndyUK 1 Comment
Work has been rather slow lately, i think the game has gotten to the point where i can't really add anything more that Ive not already planned. Although i should plan some bosses sometime (which i really hate doing)

Well Ive added differing physics when underwater, well... an infinite double jump with less gravity and weaker jump lolz.

There are coloured doors that require a corresponding key (Think Fishhead 2 and 3 ^^)

um and maybe more things i dunno.




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