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Project: Mr. Roboto
Project Started: 29th November, 2008 Last Update: 3rd March, 2011
Project Owner: Willy C Project Members: Kisguri
Project Type: Platformer Project Progress:

Project Overview  
Preview Story
The evil professor Electronicon von Wattnstein (I canít come up with anything better right now) is an evil robotic expert. His latest doomsday creation is Mr. Roboto; a deadly fighter robot! But the robot develops self awareness somehow, and decided he donít want to kill things after all.

The professor is furious and place Roboto on a really slow conveyor belt for destruction.

From this point, Mr. Roboto has to become a ninja in order to take on the evil professor and escape with the other robots, which basically is the whole game.

Oh, and since the professor is so evil, he sends some drones after Mr. Roboto once he learns of his escape from the destruct-o-belt.

Mr. Roboto has to use his doomsday hardware to demolish certain blocks in each level. This to trick the drones out of the map so he can head on to the next area.

He has to use the environment to his advantage. Every block is destructible, Roboto has to place his limited amount of explosives carefully. Sometimes he even have to use the drones before he destroys them, stuff like riding them over dangerous electro magnetic fields (since Mr. Roboto's metallic feet are so tender, and the drones has special plastic wheels).

I guess you can say itís kind of like if the incredible machine was a platformer, and the resulting combo was awesome perhaps.

- Loads of head-scratching levels
- Easy to use Level editor
- Robot ninjas


Some older videos

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1 2 Domo Arigato
By: Willy C
On: 8th Dec 08, 12:50:26
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Domo Arigato!
Posted 3rd Mar 11, by Willy C Post A Comment
I'm done with the exe build!

I'll continue updating the devblog for info on the flash and maybe iPhone build eventually!
Just about finished
Posted 22nd Feb 11, by Willy C 2 Comments
I'm just about finished.

I've removed the "lobby" idea. It was a cool idea, but it's taking to long and I want roboto to come to a conclusion. So I am polishing what I got and releasing it. Should be out in a week from now.

Oh, and Mr. Roboto will be freeware! (anyone who wants to make me a nice logo/banner? )
Level selection screen
Posted 2nd Nov 10, by Willy C 3 Comments
Working on this sweet level selection area. I love it when mario (64) is walking around in the castle, and the painting-subspaces are sometimes changing the real world somehow.

It fits really well in my game, and I get to wrap a silly story of a robot wanting to escape from his creator, instead of just a "static" level selection screen.

In the lobby, Roboto has to find other robots that sings an electronic "tune". He has to find them all and combine their tune creating a full electronic track that can power the elevator to the surface. At least this is what I want to do with the game, should be difficult to find a electronic track consisting of clear individual "instruments".

I've captured a video. Ignore the gradient backgrounds. I've skipped the actual puzzle sequence, as I don't want to spoil those anymore.

Oh, and I also have a new webpage: You've got to sign up to comment and such, I might change that later.

One year since my last update, you say?
Posted 25th Aug 10, by Willy C 1 Comment
Well, not quite a full year, so you would be wrong.

Hey, guess what; my engine is complete. And it's a fine purring machine I tell you! No bugs! Absolutely none! Unless you count getting stuck inside walls at times a bug. Pish Posh I say!
"But isn't that a serious issue", you abruptly reply. Too which I reply; "I said ... P I S H P O S H. Just try not to do that thing that gets you stuck at times, and you'll be fine".

So I'll be spending my time with the level editor, making some levels. I've got about 20'ish so far, I really want 50, but it's hard. I am really nervous people will find the puzzles too difficult, so some half-public play testing ensues.

"Is that it" you say. "It's been a year, and no videos, no pictures?"

Oh, right ... here you go, enjoy:


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