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Project: RPG Open Source
Project Started: 8th December, 2008 Last Update: 26th January, 2009
Project Owner: Jason Orme Project Members: Fanotherpg Master Maker
Project Type: Open Source RPG Engine Project Progress:

Project Overview  
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What is RPG Open Source?

RPG Open Source is a project to create just that, an open source role playing game engine within Multimedia Fusion 2(standard edition).

The idea is to have a master file shared to the public where coders and artists will contribute their own work until a stable new master file will be released. I want the coding to be as tidy and clean as possible, with comment lines and explanations when needed. I also plan on having a wiki or pdf/txt manual for developers using this project.


I'm aware there are other RPG developing tools out there and have used them, but none of them are as flexible as multimedia fusion.

So, if you are like me and enjoy exploring evil forests, dark dungeons and exotic locations, slaying orcs, gnolls and demons, finding all kinds of loot and treasure while wielding a flaming sword and casting ice spells on your enemies. Then I hope you can help out with this project as I am looking for skilled coders and other people with experience of rpgs/dnd.

Below is an artist impression I did, just so we are on the same page.


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Quick update
Posted 26th Jan 09, by Jason Orme Post A Comment
Just a quick update to let everyone know the project is still going.

We are currently at a halt having need for a Gui.

The GUI is the screen which displays the player stats such as his health, Experience, Strength , Defence etc.

This is very important as you can see from the latest version that dispite what the player has equiped it makes no difference, so a GUI is what is needed to move forward.
RPG Open Source V.1.3
Posted 12th Jan 09, by Jason Orme Post A Comment
Master Maker has once again been hard at work and has released Version 1.3.

You can download and view the details for this release here

RPG Key Elements
Posted 7th Jan 09, by Jason Orme Post A Comment

I've posted a thread in the forum asking people what are the key elements for them, which make a great rpg.

So please, view the thread and have your say

Thread link:
RPG open source V1.2
Posted 31st Dec 08, by Jason Orme Post A Comment
Master Maker has been working hard over Christmas and has already released V 1.2 of the engine.

Its complete with a combat system, looting system, exp, health and leveling up system. Aswell as a working inventory and INI's.

You can download and discuss this release, here


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