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Project: Fishhead 4 : Blueprint
Project Started: 6th May, 2010 Last Update: 13th April, 2011
Project Owner: Hayo Project Members:
Project Type: Platformer Project Progress:
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Project Overview  
Preview This started out as a fun little project and slowly turned into a big project. Fishhead 4:Blueprint picks up where Fishhead 2 ended (Fishhead 3 can be considered storyless).

Helping me and thus loved are:
Jonas Isakson (making my music sound 8-bit with his homemade samples)
Matt Esch (pointing out the crap parts in my code)


Expected release: spring 2011

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2 7 Dear Mr Hayo Sir
By: ~Matt Esch~
On: 30th Sep 11, 18:55:36
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I am still not dead
Posted 13th Apr 11, by Hayo 6 Comments

Well, progress has been really slow mainly because work was driving me crazy. Now I have some more time to work on this.

Thanks to the dudes who have been testing the first 5 levels I could improve various aspects of this game. The movement is a little smoother and has variable jumping, collisions are less messed up and there is more variation between levels (mainly in the form of different music, backgrounds and tilesets).

Also I pretty much finished the soundtrack, also thanks to Jonas Isakson who provided me with awesome homegrown 8-bit samples.

What's done:
- 17 levels
- decent engine
- soundtrack
- save system

What's left to do:
- 11 more levels (including hidden and bonus levels)
- Decent intro
- Boss
- Decent outro
- Maybe add more variation in the form of actual gameplay, but I am so lazy

The screenshot is of level 2 with a new background.
Feedback list
Posted 3rd Feb 11, by Hayo 4 Comments
So, now I have a huge list of feedback that was provided by 12 kind TDC folks. I am now making my way though this list to make the core system of this game as good as I possibly can. Things that will be changed/added:

- Some parts were too hard (flickering platforms, hidden caves). These will be toned down a little
- Collisions will be more forgiving too
- More tutorial parts
- More use of puzzle blocks
- Better health indicator
- No more going into levels, gathering goodies and leaving them again.

When this is done I will build the rest of the game (with the levels I already have) and it will be ready for final testing!
And now it's a bigger game
Posted 7th Jan 11, by Hayo 6 Comments





Been working on this like hell in the last few weeks. The graphics got a bit of a facelift (as far as that is possible with a four-colour palette), the engine has been partly recoded and the game now features a pretty big overworld pinning all the levels together.

The saving system might be a bit unconventional: at the first startup the game will ask your name. Progress is saved automatically. But game over really is game over. Lose all your lives and your name and progress will be erased.

Fixed. Change of mind.
Posted 25th Dec 10, by Hayo 1 Comment
All problems are fixed. Also I have changed my mind again. Not having the internet for over a week caused me to work hard on this game. Now it's so big I can't call it "pocket" anymore. This is now Fishhead 4. Changes so far are:

- more levels
- more enemies
- overworld level instead of static map screen
- various other locations to visit (mostly buildings)
- saving system
- a "proper" story
- more geese

Things I want to change are:

- make some of the enemy AI less lame
- somehow take care of more variation, level-wise
- a boss that doesn't suck

Which again made me realize what a crappy coder I am. Give me strength.

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