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Project: W.I.P - Work in Progress
Project Started: 9th February, 2011 Last Update: 9th February, 2011
Project Owner: Veronica Andersson Project Members: Anders Andersson
Project Type: A mini game Project Progress:
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Project Overview  
Preview A game where the goal is to get the ball from start to goal with few clicks. It is sort of a golf game but with a different graphical style.

In the game you use the right and left arrow keys to set the angle for the ball. Then press space to get the meter moving and release it when it seems okey. (To skip a level press "L") The game have 7 levels.

I have made the graphics and some of the coding but I had a lot of help from my husband. (Anders Andersson - the creator of Cave of no Return.)

Since I don't have the source (at least I can't find it) left I can't develop it any futher. Altho I'm quite satisfied because it was my first "game".

The game was made back in 2009 (januari) a month after I got my iPod Touch. Guess I was inspired

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On: 14th Feb 11, 03:38:13
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