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Project: Gun Bastard
Project Started: 8th March, 2011 Last Update: 2nd January, 2012
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Project Type: Shoot em Up Project Progress:
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Project Overview  
Preview Gun Bastard is a tongue-in-cheek side-scrolling shoot-em-up game. It will have elements of games like Gradius and R-Type as well as the fast pace and ridiculous amounts of enemies of modern bullet hell shooters. You play as Gun Bastard, the last hope of Earth as you take on some alien scumbags who stole your powers and used them to enslave the human race.

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By: Nicked
On: 11th Jun 11, 21:21:06
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Trailer 2nd January 2012
Posted 2nd Jan 12, by Nicked 1 Comment
So I made a trailer, to see if I could. Apologies for the Fraps watermark.

Here's the youtube link:
Update 2nd January
Posted 2nd Jan 12, by Nicked Post A Comment
* Added a Difficulty selector. There are four difficulties to choose from. At the moment, they only change the player's maximum health, but I'm thinking of adjusting the frequency of enemy fire, number and health of enemies and maybe adding more boss waves depending on difficulty.
* Added a challenge for completing the game on the hardest difficulty.
* Changed the way level scoring works to take into account the difficulty. The harder difficulties have higher score multipliers, so to get the really good scores, you have to play on the highest difficulty.
* Few other tweaks and necessary changes and bug fixes as a result of adding difficulties.

Have a couple of screenies - one of the difficulties, and one of the secret level, Infinite Graveyard.


Update 1st January 2012
Posted 1st Jan 12, by Nicked Post A Comment


Had some time off work, so worked on Gun Bastard instead.

* Finished alpha effects for Mind Bastard boss graphics.
* Implemented Mind Bastard fight.
* Completely rewrote the cutscenes so the scrolling text works better, and changed the graphics to show head-shots for dialogue, with proper anime-style abstract whooshing lines in the background.
* Tweaked the challenges, removed an impossible one, added a "Kill 10,000 enemies" one in it's place.
Posted 23rd Oct 11, by Nicked Post A Comment
* Added graphics for the zombie enemy in the same style as the player character.
* Added a Gun Upgrade collectible that appears once per level - if you manage to collect it, you can boost your gun to the next level.

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