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Project: Sector Six 0.1.5
Project Started: 27th March, 2015 Last Update: 30th August, 2015
Project Owner: Zuurix Project Members:
Project Type: WIP RPG Project Progress:
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Project Overview  
Preview Sector Six is elegant and innovative shooter/RPG hybrid. Build your own spaceship from procedurally generated parts and battle machines to save your universe from destruction!

Under development! Game is fully playable, but many features are still not implemented/balanced. If you have any issues with the game, please tell me, so I could fix it!

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By: Zuurix
On: 7th Apr 15, 07/04/2015 03:45:46
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Echo #4
Posted 30th Aug 15, by Zuurix Post A Comment


This week I have...

Updated dialogue interfaces.
Updated dialogues.
Updated achievement text.
Updated ruin sprites.
Changed few things in story mission 1.
Improved message system.
Added frames around buttons in settings, credits and reward interface.
Added new spaceship, demolisher, that you can escort.
Renamed Azarl to Negati.
Renamed Hope to Paradise.
Renamed Heaven to Alpha Pulsar.
Renamed Anchor Rift to Beta Pulsar.
Renamed Still Void to Venerion.
Renamed Draktia to Phase.
Renamed Pale Moon to Lumer Pass.

Next week I'm planning...

To continue polishing escort missions and interfaces.
To add Beta and Alpha Pulsar region backgrounds.
To update destroyed region missions.

While not developing Sector Six...

I was playing Skyrim, Rift and Path of Exile.
I was watching Generator Rex.
Posted 15th Jul 15, by Zuurix Post A Comment
Just made this post to reassure that I am still working on game, it's slowly getting better and everything is OK!

Well, to make this post a little more important, here's what will be in new version:

New main menu.
New sounds and music, provided by my music composer Bert Cole.
New interfaces.
New missions.
Better grammar.
Many fixes!

Last few weeks were quite interesting. Sector Six was reviewed and praised on three websites, I saw Sector Six stream, got many comments and ratings. This gave me so much motivation, thanks to all who said good words about my game!

Now I have Twitter account. @DeveloperZuurix
Follow me on Twitter if you want to track Sector Six development progress and maybe even see few screenshots from game future!

Until next time!

Sector Six has been updated!
Posted 6th Jun 15, by Zuurix Post A Comment





So much has been improved and added! New way to heal, story missions, new interfaces, abilities, enemies, changes to game engine, graphic improvements, change log is massive!

Bosses now have more interesting attacks and slightly less armour.
Introduction has been updated.
Game is now side-scrolling!
Enemies no longer are level locked, you can now fight any type at any level.
Enemies now drop part safes, that give you parts and alloy containers.
Secure regions now can get occupied again!
Survival missions removed.
You can now hold R to seek targeted enemy.
Parts can now reduce taken damage and reflect enemy attacks!
Interfaces updated!
Now when laser hits enemy, particles are displayed.
New objective end animation.
Added backgrounds for Blighted remains, Colowis, Azarl, Labyrinth and Damned mist.
Laser light etalon firing graphic updated.
Now you can see ship effects.
Some weapons now have minor shooting animations.
Damage frame updated.
Projectile sprites updated.
Now here are star clouds in background.
New etalons has been added.
New abilities.
Matter burn.
Thermal wave.
Apocalypse reaction.
Augment armour.
Heat siphon.
Ethereal burst.
You can now equip alloy containers and consume alloy to repair elder armour in battle.
You can get them from part safes and mission rewards.
Abilities re-balanced, now they are more useful.
Trigger explosions ability updated.
Veteran sniper fixed.
Better ship parts are less rare now.
Now you can dismantle ship parts to earn iron, which is used to refill alloy containers.
Inventory increased by 8 slots.
Building field was slightly increased.
You can now hold E to close dialogues faster.
Nomad class unlocked, new weapon and abilities.
Part tooltips now appear after short delay.
Now you get 25 maximum elder armour boost when you level up.
Plasma waves now move just a little faster than player ship.
Repairing enemies now only repairs your targets.
New information files.
New part designs are now unlocked on lower levels.
New enemy.
New sound effects.
New tutorial!

I'm sure I missed something, have fun exploring new version!
Don't forget to tell me if you dislike something/see something broken, I will do everything I can to fix it.
Next update is probably full screen mode for most, if not all resolutions and maybe some new content, like new enemy!
Update is coming soon
Posted 30th Apr 15, by Zuurix Post A Comment
I have changed my plans. At first I was planning to do really large update.
But then I realized that my followers will get tired of waiting and decided to release that really large update in parts.
That means update is coming soon!

Screenshots show the future version, that is not uploaded yet!
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