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Project: Allegro: The melodic warrior
Project Started: 11th December, 2015 Last Update: 11th December, 2015
Project Owner: Marco Medina Project Members:
Project Type: Platform Videogame Project Progress:
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Project Overview  
Allegro: The melodic warrior
Also known as "Allegro"


Song: Theme of a melodic warrior - Marco Medina, 2012.

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Far away in the galaxy, there's a planet called Sonata, where everything is made of music, it's inhabited by creatures called Melodies. Sonata used to be a fantastic land full of harmony and happiness, everything was perfectly tuned an synchronized. Until, the evil forces attacked and inmersed the world in darkness and corruption.

You play as Allegro, a mysterious melodic warrior. Noboby knows where he comes from, nobody seems to remember him, neither he knows who he is, or who he used to be. Nevertheless, it doesn't matters if the sky is full of dark clouds, he's willing to warp to the moon and save his beloved planet and friends.


The project itself aims to imitate aspects of an average videogame from the 80's and 90's. The music is composed in trackers, using instruments from famous songs from that period.

Unlike common platform games, you pass through "Music tracks" which would be the equivalent to "Levels". Each music track contains the information of the enviroments that shape Sonata.

The character's main ability (the only he seems to remember), is the harmonic frenzy. Basically he turns into a burst of light that warps with the help of soundwaves. Which implies that our hero can't do that on space (and the main story requires that our hero warps to the moon, the place from where Sonata is controlled)


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