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Project: Terminal Orbit - Full Version preview
Project Started: 14th October, 2002 Last Update: 14th October, 2002
Project Owner: Tigerworks Project Members:
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Project Overview  
The forces are awakening. The time draws near.

The Earth is nearing the end of it's penultimate orbit of the Sun. Bewildered, confused, mankind awakens from the deep billions of years after the Old Wars diminished into a bleary chaos of annihilation. Soon the Earth will begin it's Terminal Orbit - the last orbit of the sun before the huge fireball expands so huge Earth is scorched and uninhabitable.

The only way off the planet is via the last five surviving transporter starships of a once great galactic fleet. Mankind must reach them and leave before the Terminal Orbit is completed, or die.

However, the other side of the Old Wars is also awakening. The artificial intelligence robots with human minds transferred into electronic simulators have reinitialised. They still keep their hatred of men and have taken control of the Starships. They are re-arming themselves. A short war will follow for the first to capture and refuel the ancient Starships, and get of the planet - before either mankind escapes into the galaxy, free, or is executed on a shrivelling and burning firey planet of hell.

You've played the demo. But what will the full version have?

The Full Version

Battle your way through the year of the Terminal Orbit in three seperate campaigns: One main campaign fighting throughout the whole year of battle, right from the awakening to the battle for the starships, and two sub-campaigns following the story of smaller objectives to be captured during the last year.

So what will be new?

Not just one mission - as well as a skirmish for when you don't want to play a particular mission, there will be 3 starting campaigns (with at least 35 missions between them) as mentioned. There will almost certainly be add-on packs with more campaigns later on after the release (and they will be around 10kb for a whole campaign, since it is all file-based). And...

Level editor - make your own levels to play, and even entire campaigns with the level editor - and save them to files to send to your friends! If they're good, you can send them to me to be released in an official campaigns add-on pack. Easy to use, adaptable and flexible windows-based level editor application to make any mission you want.

No build limitations - There will be many more units to build and launch into huge battles. In the level editor, you can choose which units are buildable and which aren't - but the full range of units will be at your fingertips in the later levels of campaigns and in the level editor.

Interactive Tutorial to teach RTS-beginners the basics.

MP3 support: as well as supplied game theme tracks, you can add your own MP3s to playlists and listen to them in-game.

More advanced gameplay: Bug fixes, more advanced AI, more variation, improved unit control etc.

And below you can see for yourself the screenshots of the level editor... and so on.

Picture #1: Making a level in the level editor
Picture #2: Playing that level in-game
Picture #3: Level editor with some windows open
Picture #4: Messing around on a silly map I made
Picture #5: Making a campaign in the level editor
Picture #6: Viewing that campaign from the game.

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