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Project: Mine Avoider 2
Project Started: 13th September, 2018 Last Update: 26th August, 2019
Project Owner: The MPP Project Members:
Project Type: Action/Puzzle Project Progress:

Project Overview  
I've been wanting to create Mine Avoider 2 for a while now and this seems like a nice time!

Planned features :
- More levels
- More mines
- Controls customization
- A level editor
- A tutorial with voice acting

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Progress Update #2!
Posted 26th Aug 19, by The MPP 1 Comment
Hello! WOW, it's almost been a year since the previous devlog!
Anyhow, the game's going good! A lot of levels have been made.
And there's a new mine! The PINK mine! It moves around randomly. Be careful, it does a fair amount of damage.

Welp, that's all for now. See you guys in the next post (hopefully )!
Progress Update #1!
Posted 29th Sep 18, by The MPP Post A Comment
Hello! The development is going pretty good! The game is already a bit better than the original!

Now, time for the fun news..
There's a new mine! Now there's also the YELLOW mine! The yellow mine won't move but when you touch it will do more damage than a normal mine.

Mine Avoider 2 now also has music, which is always nice.

That's all for now! See ya guys in the next update!

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