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Project: 5 miles under
Project Started: 4th March, 2019 Last Update: 22nd March, 2019
Project Owner: Jim Jagers Project Members:
Project Type: horror game Project Progress:

Project Overview  
this is gonna be my first finished game and even tough i know it wont be famous or anything or even that good i do hope that it will atleast be entertaining. the story of the game is that your a person kidnapped by this orginazation wich produces a tv show where a random individual has too escape an facility while being chased by a monster.

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bad news
Posted 22nd Mar 19, by Jim Jagers Post A Comment
hey everyone sorry for not posting in a long time but i have been sick for the past 6 days and i couldnt make any progress on the game and because of that the game was not able too be released. i am very sorry for this but i will try and finish the game when im 100% better
more sceenshots
Posted 12th Mar 19, by Jim Jagers Post A Comment


i changed the wall textures too a more brick wall style wich i think makes it look really cool
Posted 12th Mar 19, by Jim Jagers Post A Comment
so heres 1 screenshot of the beginning area of the game. and yes i know full well the wall textures kinda suck but i just cant figure out how too make a good looking stone wall texture and if i cant figure it out i might change it into brick wall texture instead Preview

expected release
Posted 7th Mar 19, by Jim Jagers Post A Comment
i have been slowly making progress with the games graphics (im not that good at art so it takes a bit more time too add good graphics)
almost all mechanics and gameplay elements have been succesfully inplemented however it will take some time before the music will be ready as i dont know when my friend has completed the song he is making for this game. the only thing i havent started on is the sound effects but i will propably find some royalty free samples online and use those so it shouldnt take that much time.

if i were too make an estimate on when the game will be ready i think this game will be ready for release somewhere before

i will continue too post every week or more too keep everyone informed on my progress. (eventough i suspect no one is following this games development but i could be wrong)

also the graphics arent ready yet so expect the screenshots next week when i think most of the graphics are done, also sorry for my spelling mistakes in this post, english is not my first language.

this has been jim signing off

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