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Project: Good Boys
Project Started: 10th July, 2019 Last Update: 10th July, 2019
Project Owner: Wrim Project Members:
Project Type: Point And Click Project Progress:
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Project Overview  
This game is about petting animals and making them happy.
When they are happy they will give you Hearts.
Every action leads to more Hearts.

General Controls:
Click on animals to pet them and to earn Hearts. Buy things for Hearts.
Click The Animal Buttons to switch between Animals.

Brown Boy:
Brown Boy is a Bug Hound and can help the other animals when they get stuck or have problem reaching items.
Move Brown Boy with the arrow keys.
Hold Shift for Brown Boy to carry items. Hold Control to run faster.
Press Z to dig a hole. If you hold Bone while digging, it will be buried.
Holes also trap Beach Balls and Yarn.

Samoyed likes to chill at the beach with its favourite Beach Ball.
Put the Ball in a hole to score a Heart!

Small Samoyed:
Small Samoyed loves the Sea, and when it owns a boat you can steer it by clicking and/or holding the Right Mouse Button. It can also capture lost Hearts at Sea!
So romantic and independent!

Duck likes Bird Feed and Hearts and will capture any it sees.
After eating it likes to rest in the nest.

Cat: Cat likes to play with Yarn and sleep.

Rubber Duck:
Click on the Rubber Duck to make it change direction.

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