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Project: Red Crisis
Project Started: 24th March, 2020 Last Update: 24th March, 2020
Project Owner: Ed Ker Chatto Project Members:
Project Type: Adventure video game Project Progress:

Project Overview  
Red Crisis (nothing to do with the Soviets don't worry) will be an adventure game set on the red planet with you trying to outrun and outsmart aliens in order to uncover the mystery of everybody's disappearance and try to escape back to earth.
The game uses a top-down perspective, with minimalist characters (no animations, simple sprites) and scenery. The controls will be kept simple (only using WASD and the mouse in some cases(hopefully)).

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Posted 24th Mar 20, by Ed Ker Chatto Post A Comment
So far I'm partway through creating the first level, which will act as a disguised tutorial for the player. They'll be guided by handwritten notes left by a mysterious character for this section to teach them the basics of each alien and some other mechanics.

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