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Project: DualShot
Project Started: 22nd April, 2020 Last Update: 22nd April, 2020
Project Owner: supastupid Project Members:
Project Type: Shooter Project Progress:

Project Overview  
This is my first upload- but anyways, Dualshot is a two-player shooter where it uses a split keyboard. The game is finicky- i couldn't figure out a good way to get manual movement.
Player 1: |
W - Move Up |
S - Move Down |
Q - Stop |
A - Shoot |
Player 2: |
Up Arrow - Move Up |
Down Arrow - Move Down |
Numpad 0 - Stop |
Numpad 1 - Shoot |

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Game is released!
Posted 22nd Apr 20, by supastupid Post A Comment
Cool. It's not significant, i will (probably) add explosions, sounds, music, etc..

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