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Project: Archaia
Project Started: 4th July, 2003 Last Update: 4th July, 2003
Project Owner: Lemmy Project Members:
Project Type: Action Project Progress:

Project Overview  
----The Story----
By the late 22nd century, a new sport has evolved: Mechanical combat. This Sport is special hovever, for there is no limit on where this can be played. And there are no rules but one:

There are no rules.

As a combatant, you must purchase your Mechanical Combat Suit, Or MCS From a shop. as everything else in the world though, these cost credits which you can collect by defeating other challengers, and by destroying All other forms of opposition. Climb in your MCS, strap in, and hope
for the best.

Welcome to Archaia.

-----The Gameplay-----
In your MCS you can jump, punch, kick, and execute X-Charge attacks, which collect all the spare energy in an MCS and release it in one devastating attack. There are also multiple stages, there will be 9 plus 6 bonus levels in the finished version. There will also be 4 MCSs to choose from, and a slight storyline to go along with it.

------The graphics-----
I created all the graphics myself and in my opinion, they look good. If you don't believe me, take a look at the screenshots yourself and post a comment about what you think of them.

------Practice mode & Training mode-----
There are also a practice mode, which doubles as a limited level editor, and training mode, which interactively teaches you how to play.

Tell me what you think of this game please!

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