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Project: Die Hard
Project Started: 7th July, 2003 Last Update: 7th July, 2003
Project Owner: aaron_brammer Project Members:
Project Type: Platform Project Progress:

Project Overview  
After completting freddy vs Jason and learning a thing or two about platform games, i decided a game based on the movie Die hard would be quite cool.

This will be a platform game set over 9-35 levels in the Nakatomi plaza. Each level can be instantly accessed through stairs. There will be 12 terrorists for McLane to dispose of. There is a time limit in the form of the cracking locks. You can shoot windows and push things out, which is vital for getting cops attention. z button will be high shot while x button will be low shot, low shot will ussually hit while high does an instant kill but is hard to hit. Im gonna try and make this totally non-linear, so you dont even have to radio for the police or do anything McLane does in the movie. While there are only twelve terrorists, it will still be tough, as McLane will be like a real person and go down in one-two shots. The terrorists will have medium site, so they can only see whats ahead of them, perfect for stealthy high shots. Even though you can go onto the 30th floor where all the hostages are, thats also where most the terrorists are, so if your good enough you can dispose of them all there, with the exception of Heinrich, who is on the 5th floor operating the rocket launcher.

Ive already done title screens, some of the map, almost all of the McLane animations and three of the twelve terrorists.

If anyone wants to help, send me some mail, it'd be greatly appreciated.

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