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Project: The Madness of Amora
Project Started: 9th July, 2003 Last Update: 9th July, 2003
Project Owner: Isaac Project Members:
Project Type: Adventure Project Progress:

Project Overview  
My first posted preview, The Madness of Amora, is a graphical point-and-click adventure game with a taste of puzzle elements mixed in.

In the waning years of the Second Era,
The capital city of Arynath held its breath.
Its king, the Lord Iresan fell ill to a
magical illness, deviated by insurgents in
the kingdom.
No remedy worked, and the people looked
on as the King's comatose state grew.
Only Amora, the King's Advisor, knew the
cure. Strange events befell her, too.
Her confused state grew into what was
called madness. She locked herself in her
Tower, placing about her devices
of cunning lethality.
None could approach her, save one,
who was elected by the Council to dispel
the Madness of Amora; her son.
Sent into the Tower of Pnuma alone,
Talen was chosen to restore the King's
advisor, cure the King, and save

Planned release is the first of September. The interface should be familar to those who are experianced with pointer-based adventure games; walking, looking, and such.
The Madness of Amora will include;
*All Original Graphics
*Puzzles and Riddles
*Original Plot and Storyline
*Multiple Endings

Comments and questions appreciated!
Thanks for looking!

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