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Project: Arcade Creator
Project Started: 17th July, 2003 Last Update: 17th July, 2003
Project Owner: DEC Stuff Project Members:
Project Type: Misc Project Progress:

Project Overview  
Note:The title of this game is very subject to change. Also, this game is a simulation/building game.

A few notes
Basically the game is all about building an arcade. Arcade Creator has uses an isometric view to give people a good view of an arcade. You build arcade games, flooring, prize counters, prize games, bathrooms, walls, and possibly food counters.

Everything is customizable from the amount you charge on arcade games(standard is 25 cents) to the size of the store.

Obviously the goal in mind is to build an arcade, successfully. To do this you cannot go into debt for a certain time(yet to be determined). Their may also be scenerios.

The game is loaded with features, options, and especially objects. Heres a few:
-F12 takes a screenshot-
-Customizable objects(arcade machines, ect.)-
-Easy, Medium, Hard-
-All objects can be customized in certain ways(Usually price).-
-All objects can be rotated-
-40 arcade games-
-20 prize games-
-20 miscellaneous objects-
-more objects!-

In terms of values, objects, and complexity. It's everywhere in this game. Nothing is easy to make. Luckily it is never necessary to program every single object because they have been set into groups and global values have been used in a very expert-like fashion.

Other Information
This game *Might* be sold. Don't want to buy it? Maybe you could help. Heres a few things I need both now, and later.
-GFX artists to make arcade machines, and especially isometric people!!!-
-Scenerio creators-
-Misc. Isometric Art-
-Custom Object creators(I will give instuctions on how)-
-beta testers-
-more later-

Helping and Selling:If you are willing to help please "mail me" using the Daily click. If I do wind up selling, you will recieve a copy for free. You will recieve credit no matter what. As for distribution of funds: That must be discussed in private.

Thx. More and more everyday on this game, so check back!

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