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Project: Kaitanis Phantasm (RPG)
Project Started: 22nd July, 2003 Last Update: 22nd July, 2003
Project Owner: TakeNotes Project Members:
Project Type: RPG Project Progress:

Project Overview  
The Game was inspired by countless Final Fantasy games that iv grown up playing. Im new to Daily Click but have been a part of smaller MSn clicking groups for a long time. This Game has been in production for ages as im doing all the gfx by hand and am focusing on detail. il cut to the chase and outline some features of the game

- Interactive environments (eg open draws, chests, knock leaves off plants etc)

- Immersive story (fully scripted)

- Interesting character development with romance sub plots i might add hehe

- Real time combat, think links awakening meets Alundra

- Puzzles galore but not annoyingly so

- Wonderful gfx espescialy for a klick game

I dont wanna over sell it, we'll see how ppl like it when i release a beta or something

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