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Project: Chronowarrior
Project Started: 23rd July, 2003 Last Update: 23rd July, 2003
Project Owner: Blackgaze Project Members:
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Project Overview  
This is project at the moment: Chronowarrior.
Im finish this since Spiderhead is halted. Sadly there will not be a demo/beta for this , only full version. But this could be changed anytime i want.

Chronowarrior is a metal slug/platform type game made by TGF. Although it doesn't say it in the game the basic story is: A gas company named "G.A.S" ( ) have received firearms and now trying to take over the world. Their leader is Strum, an evil charater dressed with a gas mask and a suit (kinda looks like an even more evil G-Man from half-life). Our hero Chronoman again must save the day by hunting down Strum and defeating G.A.S Its a basic story really but this will continue.
But Chrono sometimes encounters "Vain" a dark warrior. Vain is the rival of Chronoman who is an fallen warrior like him and has always tried to kill him.

The gameplay is kinda like Metal Slug. Total destruction with plasma bullets everywhere, sparks and blood coming off. It will not be basic it will have special effects in game (e.g Teleport, suck up tubes, spinning around pipe).
The good news is that you have tons of enemies to blast around. The basic enemies is a "Gasman" and the later enemies are "Armoured Gasman" and "Hovergas".

So far i have planed the game to have 8 stages. Stage 1 is Power plant where it contains mainly Gasman enemies and some toxic/water. It also (never done b4 for me) a moving platform because in my old games like Terminal or The Legion i have moving platform problems, now it is fixed which i am glad.

The game has Mp3 music and possible a few midis. On some certain stages you have mixed music. This means that at the start of the level it could play a random music (like Tremor does in a way). Sound effects are from other games (e.g 7th legion, counter-strike) if you wanted to know.

This game will last a while, depending how hard i make the level really. But i cant just think of action. I will need puzzles as well (tricks and button togging).

This game has a possible chance to be really good but i have to complete it first and to fix a few bugs. For the meantime while I am making this you can check out the mini-trailer coming or these screenshots below:

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