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Project: Cold Blood - The Cold War
Project Started: 25th July, 2003 Last Update: 25th July, 2003
Project Owner: Bill Project Members:
Project Type: Shoot 'em up Project Progress:

Project Overview  
I thought I should do a quick up date on my game so that people know its still being made.

Origionaly called Solid Snake but tons of people cryed about that rippping of metal gear, untill I found out Snakes named after Snake Plisking from Escape From LA. So hes still called Snake but the games name has changed, so no more moning now.

Down to the game, the who game loads from an ini now and at the moment I'm devoloping the editor which will come with the game. I have added several more enimes and made they diffrent colours as well so their easyer to tell apart, here is a list.

Suicied Bomber: Runs at you and then exsploads!
Normal: Shoots hand gun at you!
RPG: Fires a good old RPG at you!
Heat Seaker: My favirate at the moment has a little pack on his back to fire a heat seaker at you!

To Be Added:
The Hunter: Like the hunter from Halo, charges at you if you get to close and carys a jack hamer or something like an eliphant gun.

More back drops of little villiage huts and houses.

More bosses.

More weapons for player.

Veriouse other additions to be added and cleaned up.

I've added and cleaned up alot of stuff, when enimies die they dont just disapear they do a death animation in the style of mario very funny Better mp3 engin, added more scripped suff.
Compleatly made it load from an ini, this took ages to do but works flawlesly. Not shoure if it will have all the origional stuff I stated months ago but there sould be plenty to make this a good game, one thing I should state is that I've made it posibal to resize the game while your playing fullscreen/windowed one thing that realy anoyes me is when people dont do this when using a laptop it looks horibal playing a game full screen and not being able to play windowed, this sort of thing has put me off a lot of games.
Hopefully in at leased a months, mabe less I can release a demo showing off most of the new features. Thanks!

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