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Project: iPublish
Project Started: 8th August, 2003 Last Update: 8th August, 2003
Project Owner: gizmo Project Members:
Project Type: Misc Project Progress:

Project Overview  
iPublish is a multi purpose advanced web editor, featuring colour coding for normal HTML tags, ASP and PHP code highlighting too. Its entire system is flexible and customized to allow a variety of functions from a humble text editor. To a web server script authoring IDE. And now for features in a nice bulleted list.

* Supports over 25 of the most widely used web extensions. From .asp to .xml.
* Chrome effect style, can be turned off to match windows 98/Me/2k (yeuch)
* Colours HTML tags ASP tags And PHP tags at runtime and edit time.
* Quicktags list, insert snippets from 3 languages as well as most HTML tags.
* Full Valid CSS lists. You have access to EVERY valid CSS attribute and each one is no more than 3 clicks away.
* Plugins, launch multiple helper apps which communicate with iPublish directly using a custom API (application programming interface) will also sport a well documented SDK. The flexibility allows any MMF app to be pluginnable within less than 5 events.
* Adaptive toolbaring: Open a .asp and the asp toolbar will open, change to a html document. The html toolbar will open. Even make your own toolbars and assign extensiosn for YOUR custom filetypes!!!!! Its amazing!!!
* Autoclose, typing a bold tag, etc (italic and underlined too) will automatically insert its matching close tag and place your cursor appropriately!
* Autocomplete: typing and opening certain tags like img or a or div and iPublish will ADD the other attributes and move to the first!!!
* Ability to turn the above options off
* XHTML compatibility -- Future proof your pages and even subit them for validation at runtime!
* Links to plenty of resources on all web languages.
* PopCap help popup - a quiet non disturbing popup message wil appear if iPublish is out of date or you are stuck on something. This will also get new links for resources of help/interest.

And lots lots more!!!!!!! The screenshots also show its amazing table maker!!!

This is definitely worth checking out. 6 Months of hard work.

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