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Project: Scope (Bounty Hunter)
Project Started: 11th August, 2003 Last Update: 11th August, 2003
Project Owner: Blackgaze Project Members:
Project Type: Action Project Progress:

Project Overview  
Scope is my latest project, although Chronowarrior never finished i will be uploading a abandoned version of it, so you can play it still.

Scope is a Bounty Hunter, unlike other bounty hunters of the world of Kalo he has goodness inside him. Scope has been hired by Lord Caviox to assassinate Lord Castel, reasons: unknown. Scope must go through the lands of kalo to hunt down Castel. But the story will change throughout the game. Vain (yes, was the bad guy in Chronoarrior but out in in this one, since not completing it) is another of the bounty hunters. he is Caviox's special bounty hunter who has total evil. Vain is one of the strong bounty hunters like scope because he has a Bolt Sword and mechanical wings. He will enter the story.
But if Vain is Caviox's special bounty hunter why didn't he choose him to do the mission, who is this "Castel" anyway. All answers will be solved when this will come out. and i will make sure thiS WILL FINISH.

Scope has a powerful bow which pieces Metal and skin easy, thats why he uses that rather than a sniper rifle. His bow also causes mass destruction to mobiity. So scope has a bow in his game. You will get puzzles i this game. Possible you will get a hovercraft in the desert levels.
You do get a jetpack later on the game and have to use it on one whole stage. The enemies are mainly "Thugs" (the common bad guys). their will be a total of 8-12 enemies and 3 bosses. Scope has custom movement (first time i have used it in my games) and it works well (more special effects like spin around pipes ). You have a score system as extra (try to beat score) Kill enemies, collect gems gets your score. Gameplay will be good

as told by screenshots is good, but I believe that can be improved next time. The backgrounds of screenshot 1, 5 and 6 might be changed (the orange, no the factories) Maybe Scope 2 (if made) will have 3d drawings.

Presentation is alright (short intro but good to see other again (but not too much)). Unlike my last project Chronowarrior this will have a menu (screenshot 1). The stage presentation is nice but not rubbish or brilliant (screenshot 4)

Sound and music
again music will be mp3s again, so the download file will be about 7-12 megabytes. Sound will be from Counter-Strike and Vampire Slayer half-life mod, but other things too (e.g from website)

This game will last a while. It will have around 18 levels (7 stages) and 3 bosses. also to keep your players going this will have extras at th end so dont turn off game after credits

This good will be good, possible GOTW. I WILL MAKE SURE I COMPLETE THIS. If you want to find info about how this game is going please DC mail me anytime. here are some screenshots to feast your eyes on:

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