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Project: MonkeyEdit Code Editors (Blitz3D, VisualBasic, HTML)
Project Started: 5th November, 2003 Last Update: 5th November, 2003
Project Owner: Mikey - Monkey Works Project Members:
Project Type: Misc Project Progress:

Project Overview  
MonkeyEdit Programming Tools DO Need a complier for those software, otherwords, the software it makes script for. MonkeyEdit is simply just a program to help you generate the code for these applications easier, or in HTML or Blitz3D's case, you can build a whole game or site out of it!! Also, Monkey Works is Releasing MonkeyEdit for free now, but may not be free later!!! Heres how it works, under the Project menu, theres Insert WindowDetails (Blitz3D/VisualBasic editors), which allows you to set the window details, a dialog will come up asking for you to choose window type, or Windowed, or Full Screen, or such as in Visual Basic Windowed Max, Windowed Normal, then you set the sizes in the next dialog. Visual Basic Editor can only generate code such as If,With,Function,Property, and Object Clicked, and other events. Blitz3D Editor can generate code for a whole game!

MonkeyEdit VisualBasic:
If,With,Function,Property,DialogOpen,WindowOpen,ObjectClicked, KeyDown, and much more!

MonkeyEdit Blitz3D:
If,With,When,Function,WindowSettings,KeyDown,KeyHit,AddObject,AddMusic,AddSound,Collisions,CameraCreate,Print,Input, and Much Much Much More!!!!!

MonkeyEdit HTML:
This mostly has all the HTML Commands, Link,Image,Horizontal Rule, and all other basics.

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