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Project: Psycho Phantom
Project Started: 5th November, 2003 Last Update: 5th November, 2003
Project Owner: Paul_James Project Members:
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Project Overview  
Psycho Phantom - - -

Story: A mercenary group, by the name of PSI, has developed strong usage of the mind, being able to move things telekenetically, reading people's minds, deceiving people's minds to make them think they are someone else. One of the strongest of these mercenaries is PHANTOM. On a serious mission of assassinating General Dunnell, PHANTOM runs into a group of "Agents," who have been drugged up so that PHANTOM's Psychic Powers have no effect. Now being chased by the Agents, PHANTOM is forced into a mysterious conspiracy which may end up in a total disastarous catastrophe for the entire world.

Basically, Psycho Phantom is a Platformer, where you play as PHANTOM, a secret operative in the Mercenary group, PSI,and you must use your mind control skill to advance deeper into the game. Basically, PHANTOM shoots small brain waves, and depending on the enemy you face, you'll have to give them just enough to trans them. IF you go over you'll blow their brains out, which is good, but will alarm other guards nearby which is bad. once you trans them you can make them shoot at other enemies or even copy what they look like so you can walk around the level unscathed and unsuspicious from enemies. In addition, you can move items with your mind control powers, as throwing weapons and blockers from your enemy.

I'm 70% done with the engine, just have to add some Enemy AI, and touch up on some things.

I also have the first template done for the first level.

I'd say the game is about 5% complete. but i work really fast. Oh well, it should be out by next semester hopefully.
Peace out.

oh btw, u need to take the links for the screenies and put it in ur address bar, to see the screens. enjoy!

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