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Project: Chubby Races!
Project Started: 20th November, 2003 Last Update: 20th November, 2003
Project Owner: Blackgaze Project Members:
Project Type: Racing Project Progress:

Project Overview  
Although I am still making Spiderhead and i rarely make silly games this is my second stupid game (1st: Save Mr Happy)


This game is a total hell for chubby people. Chubby races is about people riding fat people ("Mr Burns: Smithers! this reminds me of that fat person I use to ride to work", that gave me the idea) and the people riding the fat people have fishing robs which contain unhealthy food (that what makes them move).

This game is 2 player only but if this goes well I might get a MOO expert and create "Chubby Races Online" or "Chubby Races Championship".

The gameplay is a platform game but you keep on moving, like all racing games you must defeat your opponent (player 1/2) to the end.
There are two types of food:
. Bad food
. Healthly food

Bad food are burgers,cheese, chips for example and healthly food are bread, salad and bread for example.
Bad food give you increase like for speed and health. Healthy food cause opposite of that.

There will be no map editor/radar unless someone could tell me a good example for one.

2 player will be split screen otherwise it would not work, if i cant do split screen i just have to use A.I players (difficult).

I have no idea when or if this game gets completed (Metallic man will not be completed, again)

Here are some screenshots: (screenshots are the same but different types)

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