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Project: Time Commando
Project Started: 23rd November, 2003 Last Update: 23rd November, 2003
Project Owner: Jatzek(DreamEvil Corp) Project Members:
Project Type: Action Project Progress:

Project Overview  

"When you wake up, you find yourself in a dark room. On the wall there is a table with blue, and green dots on it, and with some brown boxes. A man walks near you, and tells, you that you are brought in the future... you have a new life... you must save the future from a terrible end. The Terorist Group: Shadow, invented a Time Machine, and went back in time changing the history, making Time Crashes... in the future the Nazis won the Second World War and they rule now the whole United States, the Al Kaida never even existed, and Bin Laden was killed when he was a child. Your mission is to go back in time, and repeair the Time Crashes..."

This game will contain:
-more then 25 missions, where you must go back in time to change the history.
-2 player mode, in what there will be: co-operative, and versus mode. In versus mode, you can play two games Anti-Terorism(like Counter-Strike, there will be a terrorist and a counter-terrorist, and the terrorist must bomb places. only the weapons will apear on the level, and you can't buy them), and King of the Castle mode. the co-operative mode will contain Robot Arena, where you must fight a robot inside an arena, like an Air-Ship Docking place...
-the game will contain 9 weapons(till now. the weapons are like: Glock, Shotgun, Sniper Rifle, Rocket Launcher, Babylon etc.), and realistic sound effects, and musics.
-the game will contain a few TGF graphics, but most of the graphics, aren't TGF graphics.
-and lastly the game will contain a brilliant story!

You can download the one level demo of the game, from the download section!

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