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Project: umm...gee I don't have a title yet.
Project Started: 12th March, 2004 Last Update: 12th March, 2004
Project Owner: Deviant Project Members:
Project Type: RPG Project Progress:

Project Overview  
sorry for that overly awesome description preview I submitted a while a go... heres a less descriptive preview.

background: Basically (at the moment) you're in the future (and you know how future is like) and unpredictatble it is...everyone on the planet owns a tank.

gameplay: you go into this "battle mode" and this is where you'll have fun, using strategies to defeat your opponet. (I can't give all details at the moment cause the battle engine is still in development)

Item shops!: buy weapons of mass destruction and other goodies!

the game also includes:

-mini games
-save engine (Save anywhere! anytime!(except during dialouges etc)
- 2player mode. play the entire rpg with 2 players
- 3 islands to battle with, battle against many opponents in all 3 islands. (each island has about 4 towns)
- original music (created by talented people)
- NO ripped graphics, all created by me.
- lots of other suprise goodies.
- story....(not exactly sure about this yet..sorry for being vague!)
- and most importantly.........IT WILL HAVE A NAME!!

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