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Project: RyuFox Fighters 2
Project Started: 28th March, 2004 Last Update: 28th March, 2004
Project Owner: Kitsune Yamato Project Members:
Project Type: Beat 'em up Project Progress:

Project Overview  
Exactly one year after the first RyuFox Fighters Tournament, Okami Greywolf returns, swearing to destroy the world and all its inhabitants. But is there an evil even higher than Okami?

Though only a demo, this game looks incredibly promising. This game will include an advanced damage-rating system, based on the Pokemon RPG (element advantage), and Rock-Paper-Scissors (for physical advantages). The game has 36 characters at the start and there are ANOTHER 36 ADDITIONAL characters to unlock, making for a grand total of 72 playable characters!

Each of the original 36 will unlock something, so it'll force you to play as all of them. The Arcade mode will feature a storylike mode. Training will allow you to view profiles and item descriptions before playing. The Stadium will feature tons of fun minigames for your enjoyment as well. And please allow me to not run on too much and mistakenly tell ALL the cool secrets in this game! A starting roster of 36, TONS of items, LOADS OF CHEATS(!), an excellent soundtrack, innovative stages and character moves, this one will have you sitting on your ass for hours on end just trying to unlock it all, and even after you've unlocked all the cheats, you'll find it really difficult to pull your ass out of the dent you made in your computer chair.

Brought to you by Kitsune Yamato Keitsuken of Goshi-Dan's Arcade and Jiroware, Incorporated. Visit us at .

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