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Project: Odyessous' Adventure (Not the Human)
Project Started: 31st March, 2004 Last Update: 31st March, 2004
Project Owner: Retired Kliker Lazarus Project Members:
Project Type: Adventure Project Progress:

Project Overview  
Can you belive it! This game ISN'T A PLATFORMER! .

Anyway, you play Odyessous, and not Odyessous from The Odyessy...A CHICKEN named Odyessous!

This is a very diffrent sort of Role Playing/Adventure game, in which you start out as an egg with legs. You have to complete challenges, beat foes, and collect STUFF in order to gain points. If you get 25 points, you brake out of your egg. Getting 50 points allows you to grow, ect ect. Everything you touch will interact with you. You can explore a giant world, filled with secrets, perils, points and more!

Your goal: Become head rooster, fight off baddies, and explore! After you become a Rooster, a chain of events (its seeeecret, and I anie't tellin!) sets off that will cause you to venture off into the wild on a hard, dangerous mission.

This game will inculde:
-A complete, interactive eight-directional world!
-Tons of characters that all have artificial intellegence!
-Bosses, enimies, friends, foes!
-An assortmant of hard challenges and secrets!
-Origanal, hand-drawn graphics!
-Chicken like behavours!
-Secret mini-games, a veriaty of sounds and music!
-And more!,,

I have never seen any game like it! And Tree House of Horror isn't dead. I'm doing final testing and stuff.

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