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Project: DEC Movies
Project Started: 7th April, 2004 Last Update: 7th April, 2004
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Project Overview  
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What is it?

DEC Movie is a program that allows you to create movies using objects, stick figures, backgrounds, sounds, music, and even special effects. You will be able to create you own animated movies.


-DEC Movie will be very expandable. On top of an included library, you will be able to import your own objects, your own sounds, your own backgrounds, your own music, and possibly your own special effects.-
-Through vitalize, there is a possibility that you will be able to play your movies via the internet. They will be downloaded and played right in a web browser.-
-Easy editing tools. You will be able to set object positions for single frames, or for all frames. Or for just certain frames.
-Easy interface. Everything is made to be easy and for the most part self-explanatory. A drag and drop style program.-

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