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Project: Chaos:\\ /_DevilTouch_\
Project Started: 10th April, 2004 Last Update: 10th April, 2004
Project Owner: Patriarch Project Members:
Project Type: Adventure Project Progress:

Project Overview  
Chaos:\\ /_DevilTouch_\ follows one boy after his town gets razed by PYERS Inc. for the oil beneath it. During the razing, he gets thrown into some bronze colored liquid. He gets up, feeling fine, but tingly. He then leaves the town to try and get a life elsewhere. But, whenever something exciting happens, he turns full-demon. The liquid had made him part-demon, but had partitioned the two.

Now, he's trying to get back at PYERS Inc. and find the cure. And he'll stop at nothing.

CDT plays like an RPG bred with a platformer. Cast spells, switch weapons, use potions, and have skills. Except there's no battle screen, and its not top down. Winter Demo (which we will reupload shortly) Had a candy cane weapon, one spell, a level, enemies and a boss. The Spring demo will include:

-3 weapons, each with two forms: Throwouts (A blade attached to a string) and Attack mode (the weapon itself, a sword, knife, or spear)
-A boomerang
-2 spells (Summon bouncer, and fireball)
-3 Enemies with AI
-An innovative boss
-2 Minigames
-1 Dungeon - Satone.

We are almost done with the spring demo. Be there.

NOTE: The screenshots you see are from the Winter Demo. Spring Demo screens will come in time.

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