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Project: Bobbo's Adventures: Lord of Tomatoes
Project Started: 12th April, 2004 Last Update: 12th April, 2004
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Dear Daily Clickers!
Lately I have been thinking on a sequal to Bobbo's first game: Bobbo's First Adventure and here it is.
joNickArt Entertainment presents a parody of Lord of the Rings called Lord of Tomatoes. Bobbo was enjoying a regular Monday afternoon with a fresh tomato when he soon discovered it wasn't that fresh it looked like. Yes it was a real, rotten tomato he was just about to throw away, when his grandfather stopped him in the last second. He expained to Bobbo that it is only one way to destroy rotten tomatoes: to throw them into the crater of MOUNT VERY- HOT PLACE. Bobbo decided to make the journey to the great volcano, but he didn't expect there were people who actually like tomatoes which are a bit older...
Throw yourself to another of Bobbo's everday life adventures through five crazy places like boxhouse cities and blobfactories. Face enemies you have never faced before, and fight the most crazy boss you ever have fought. That and much more in this epic trip in a crazy world.
Thank you for your time, and please continue visit joNickArt Entertainment Website:

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