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Project: VqR Version 2.00
Project Started: 15th April, 2004 Last Update: 15th April, 2004
Project Owner: Mike from Tri-World Creations Project Members:
Project Type: Misc Project Progress:

Project Overview  
Sorry about no screen shots yet, i havnt started development yet, there for there are no screen shots.

VqR 2 will have a Project Explorer, the ability to have projects in it, a Script Explorer, somewhat MDI support (files in project explorer, you can switch between them, make sure you have your current document saved before switching, or you WILL lose the changed information, but i will probably also have a message box to ask if you wish to save changes.)

-Project Explorer
-Script Explorer
-(i hope) Faster runtime
-A New New dialog
-More Included toolboxes
-A better launching engine for toolboxes
-Commandline File Opening (Click a file and open it in VqR, such as HTML, [OPTIONAL])
-A better Script Editor
-Built in Web Browser for Previews, but will also be able to view in default browser
-MDI Support
-SDK for Addins,Plugins, and Toolbars included
-Converters to convert MMF Internet Applications to Addins,Plugins, and Toolbars, no longer a addin, now a seperate EXE. (Saves resoucres, so now you dont have to close mmf because VqR uses to much resoucres).
-Hoping to lower the amount of resources VqR uses.
-No need for the seperate Project Manager anymore, because one will be built into VqR.
-Zip/Unzip Website/File tools built in.
-Webpage/Host Favorites
-Recent Files opened.

More will probably be included, but this is what we have thought up so far. Right now, you can get VqR version 1.20. You can get version 1.20 at

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