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Project: Titan Exodus Alpha
Project Started: 15th April, 2004 Last Update: 15th April, 2004
Project Owner: Dr. James MD Project Members:
Project Type: Shoot 'em up Project Progress:

Project Overview  
As yawl know im making a little shooter called Titan Exodus Alpha, well really its a remake... or more importantly, it was.

Titan Exodus Alpha has taken on a much more evolved state now. Something to visually compare to Titan Exodus 2 (by Biax) something with more guts, more strategy and gameplay than the original Alpha game.
Infact the whole game has been renamed, but im not going to give that away just yet as its kind of a spoiler to the storyline.

The new game now contains no less than 5 game modes, all of which are totally different. In one mode (a new one to the Exodus series) the weapon number is 75, and a total upgrade possibility of 105 upgrades.

But figures are not all that important... The story is really deep, it has references and ive done my research well upon religion and certain myths. Graphics have totally been redone thanks to a few pixel art talks with Biax.

But come on the only reason your really here is for action yes? well happy birthday one and all; (3.15mb)

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