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Project: GreenLeaf's Pro Painter (v 2.00)
Project Started: 19th April, 2004 Last Update: 19th April, 2004
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Project Overview  
I had released the first version of my paint program but had many bugs and not much inside it. In the next version which is due to be out in 2 or 3 moths time, will have many features, belove are some of them and more will probably be added:

-Better Line Drawing
-Better Pencil Drawing
-Saving Ability of the pic you drew
-Printing Ability
-Window Movement
-Window Minimize
-3 Levels of Boldness
-Box Drawing
-Filled Box Drawing
-Circle Drawing
-Filled Circle Drawing
-Filling Ability
-Better Eraser
-Grafitti Spray(!)
-Box Selector
-Better Interface with larger paint screen
-Description of the things your are using at the application
-36 Colors of choice more then Ms Paint's default colors.

And many bugs will have been fixed and cleaned out.
If you have any more request that can be done so reply here and I'll answer back. Sorry for the pics I don't have any fully present pictures cause the interface will probably be changed again. When a pic is ready I'll post a link here. Thnx for checking out!


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