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Project: Witch Hunter: Malcolm
Project Started: 20th April, 2004 Last Update: 20th April, 2004
Project Owner: Paul_James Project Members:
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Project Overview  
Story ---
The year is 2010, and for the past 500 years, little has most of humanity has known but there has been a war between Humans (non-magick wielders) and Witches/Warlocks (magick wielders). Traces of this war getting out of hand can be seen during the Spanish Inquisition or the Salem Witch Trials. All pointing to this secret war blowing up infront of the public. During the last millenium this war has almost ended in peace. A warlock named Viktor, murdered the High Priestess of the Magicks, Aemilia. Viktor changed the Order of the Magicks into a more diplomatic order, that would even hunt their own kind if they didnt follow the certain rules of engagement. Even some humans joined the order in hoping to bring peace to what seemed like an everlasting war. Your name is Malcolm, you have no family because they were murdered by rogue witches. You have become a witch-hunter working for the Order of Magicks to weed out bad witches and warlocks for good. However, recently rumors have been going around that the witches and warlocks are planning to uprise against Viktor and ignite the war into the bloodshed it used to be. Viktor fears this and he orders you to bring him the Eight Gems of Essence: The Gem of Fire, Water, Earth, Air, Thunder, Mind, Spirit, and Heart. You begin your quest searching for Delia, a witch who can see into the future carrying the Gem of Spirit. As you quest for all the gems, you stumble upon dark secrets that still exist in the Order of Magicks and yourself. Can you save humanity from the rebellious witches and warlocks? Can you return all the Gems in hope of ending this war? Can you open up the conspiracy that lies within this war? Can you truly be the Witchhunter?

5 Areas of exploration and battle
Non-linear game
7 Aquired Skills
Upgrades to Health
Cool looking Silver Bullet
10 different monsters
15 different witches/warlocks
Parallax Scrolling
Decent Graphics
Load/Save Ability
Great Story

Progress so far the game is 25% done - And that's Two Weeks of hard work. I have finals next week so I doubt I will be able to work on it as much then I have Summer Sea Term so for two months I'll be bye-bye. However, when I get back I know I'm gonna be pumped, and I plan on finishing it before the beginning of next semester.

BTW- I will probably need some music for this game so any composers out there willing to write some MIDIs or MODs - email me at

And finally some screenshots to stare at:

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