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Project: The Frank Game-A rapper’s rampage
Project Started: 3rd May, 2004 Last Update: 3rd May, 2004
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Project Overview  
Frank is a 13 years old rapper and he just loves McHammer. Every moment in Frank’s life is Hammer time but what’s that? Some nasty turtles just stole his McHammer record. Good for Frank that he has never missed an episode of his favourite TV show Dragon Ball Z. Attack the turtles and other animals (including space goats) with 5 different Dragon Ball attacks just like the Kame-Hame-Ha. You have to play Frank in 6 different worlds = 24 Levels until he faces his arch nemesis The Grungelord who wants to destroy all the great Rap all over the world. So not only the destination of your McHammer record lies in your hand-the destination of all great Rap music all over the world lies in your hand. Stop the evil Grungelord!

Game features:
-6 mp3 songs
-24 Levels
-Funny cutscenes
-Parallax Background
-Bonus stages
-Save system

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