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Project: The Adventures of Mighty
Project Started: 22nd June, 2004 Last Update: 22nd June, 2004
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Project Overview  
Some words from the author :
After looking at Spiderhead preview at TDC, i'm inspired to create my own trailer. And here it is! The music is Beethoven's Symphony No. 9 (Scherzo), created by Ludwig van Beethoven. Please note that the videos shown in it may be changed. Created using Windows Movie Maker and Frontcam. Anyway, it's the same guy in "Maths FunTime!" and this game will have the improved version of this minigame in it as an unlockable. You will also see him in Johnny RPG.

Description :
Play as Mighty in the similar island of Zerandon (aces' curse) in this humourous adventure. Use your 4-hit punching skills and your spinning punch attack to beat the dwarfs, spirits and other random creatures out of their guts. Even though it uses a humourous apporoach, it has a pretty deep storyline featuring the Softers, one of the weaker gods in the heaven, to the Delurans, the dwarfs you encountered in aces' curse.

Progress :
It's going fairly well so far and i've got 3 AI done, namely, the Deluran (dwarf) Clubber, the Deluran Archer and the Prition (spirit). The whole fighting and movement engine and the gfx of the first level is also done.

Features :
- Humourous yet deep storyline
- Same island as Aces' Curse
- Show the HP of every enemies
- Super cartoonish graphics
- 5 Areas with about 19 enemies

Dowload the trailer here - (2.32mb)

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