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Project: LaraSoft DocuScope 2007
Project Started: 18th September, 2006 Last Update: 18th September, 2006
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Project Overview  
From the same team that brought you Notes2Go, LaraSoft Software is proud to present this exclusive early preview of DocuScope 2007.

DocuScope 2007 is a simple yet powerful utility which scans End User License Agreements, T&C's and other types of online and contractual document for suspect phrases, keywords and sentences and generates a report at the end identifying what was found with a score.

I don't think a day goes by where we don't hear of some unfortunate user getting dumped with spyware or something nasty on their system because of a term in a massive and complicated End User License Agreement or website Term's and Conditions document. Spyware, ad-ware, personal data and information getting shared with third parties.... lots of things can happen that you don't want but with busy lifestyles, we don't always have the time to sit down with a coffee and read through pages of terms.

DocuScope 2007 solves this problem. All you need to do before installing a program or signing upto an online service is to copy and paste the document into DocuScope 2007 and press the Scan button. In a matter of moments you'll be presented with a report outlining the suspect phrases and keywords that were found and the number of times that they were identified. DocuScope will then generate an overall rating, or a score, for this document based on the words found, the number of times they were found and the severity of each term.

The idea behind DocuScope 2007 is to give you the chance to identify nasty terms in a document before committing to anything. DocuScope 2007 will be absolutely free to download and use, however there will be a Professional version available with an advanced Report tool and a couple of additional small differences.

+ Fast and simple to use Document Scanning system
+ Clear and concise Scan Results. All the search results come with a short detailed description informing you to not only what was found, but why its been flagged up and why the you should be wary and check it out
+ Scan Ratings - In less than a second, get a feel to how severe or worrying the scanned document could be
+ Powerful Report system with exporting and printing functions
+ Advisory Service and Advisory Manager - Keep up to date with the latest news, security information and alerts to definition database updates with the safe and secure Advisory Service
+ Automatic Update - Automatic, free and regular updating
+ Full Statistics, help documentation and Live Support (for Professional Users)


If you're interested in gaining access to DocuScope 2007 before it's officially released, register at the LaraSoft Community Forum today and keep watch for the DocuScope 2007 category to appear with full download instructions

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