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Project: Lil' pirate (8-bit)
Project Started: 24th September, 2006 Last Update: 24th September, 2006
Project Owner: AndyUK Project Members:
Project Type: Platform Project Progress:

Project Overview  
Bill ball has lost his ship and been shot far away from his boat. Can he make it back in one piece?
Short platform game in a nes style
(for the Total klik 8-bit contest)

I'm thinking of making 4 levels with 4 parts each. It's going to be dead short but with hidden depth (hidden items to collect)

And maybe something else if i think of it later to keep it interesting.

Think of The Newzealand story for gameplay. The enemies only kill you if they shoot you or are spiky or on fire or something. You shoot arrows too.
Some of the levels will be flip screen obstacle courses.

Also the music will probably be random modules rather than ripped nes tunes.

Also. Just to note. This game does not emulate the Nes or Famicom console 100% It's just designed to look like a Nes game.
If really are bothered by the fact it's not true to a Nes game then just imagine there is a special chip inside the cartridge adding to the graphics and sound.
Some Nes games had that.

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